2K injection moulding technology

We have manufactured parts using the 2-component process for over ten years. Here a hard component (thermoplastic) is joined with a soft component (elastomer) in a continuous process to form a composite part. Thanks to the chemical bond between the different materials, excellent adhesion is achieved, without the thermoplastic part requiring chemical pre-treatment. This results in a very efficient and economical process.

The 2-component technology is also ideal for parts with large batches. The method is particularly efficient for the use of liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

Advantages of the 2-component injection moulding technology:

  • Best elastomer adhesion to the plastic part
  • No additional assembly steps
  • Quick cycle times
  • Low handling
  • High degree of automation
  • Stable production processes
  • Economical part price
2K injection moulding technology