R.E.T. Reutlinger Elastomer Technologie GmbH's environmental policy

Environmental protection is an integral part of R.E.T.'s corporate strategy.

Maintaining value, social responsibility and practical sustainability are the essential components of our corporate culture. 

Our product philosophy is characterised by high-quality demands, environmentally-friendly products and future-oriented innovative solutions. R.E.T. employees act responsibly towards other people and nature

Our principles:

  • As a partner to the automotive industry, we feel obliged to comply with the industry-wide formulated goals to implement environmentally-friendly techniques. R.E.T. opts for resource-saving development, production and logistics. The close proximity of our site to our clients reduces the environmental burden thanks to the optimised transport routes.
  • R.E.T. develops and produces components which improve the efficiency, the acoustic comfort and the safety of vehicles. R.E.T. products therefore play their part in environmental protection. We supply our industrial customers with products for sealing, joining, measuring, controlling and regulating.
  • Compliance with existing environmental laws and the internal specifications which go beyond these is a matter of course for us.
  • Continual improvements in the product creation and realisation processes help to minimise the effects on the environment. Open communication and the involvement of all staff in the corporate environmental protection process ensures sustainability when the environmental policy objectives are implemented.
  • The cooperation with the authorities is based on an action-oriented and trustworthy attitude. The coordinated emergency preparedness at the production site prevents events getting out of control and is focussed on force majeure. 
  • Suppliers and service providers are included in our environmental policy targets. With regards to the product environmental impact, we promote and monitor the compliance with the statutory regulations as well as observance of all relevant norms and standards.
  • Reducing the consumption of energy, water and materials, increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO² emissions are our goals. We will define, document, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with this International Standard. With audits, training, communication, with life and implementation of measures, we meet the requirements of this standard with a view to the continuous improvement of energy-related performance and its EnMS.

(This environmental and energy policy refers to the production site Aspenhausstraße 15 in Reutlingen.)



R.E.T. leaves a green footprint

Andreas Fridrich

Environmental Management Officer (Umweltmanagementbeauftragter – UMB)
R.E.T. REIFF Elastomertechnik GmbH

Aspenhaustr. 15, 72770 Reutlingen

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